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modbus_report_slave_id - returns a description of the controller
*int modbus_report_slave_id(modbus_t *'ctx', int 'max_dest', uint8_t *'dest');*
The *modbus_report_slave_id()* function shall send a request to the controller
to obtain a description of the controller.
The response stored in _dest_ contains:
* the slave ID, this unique ID is in reality not unique at all so it's not
possible to depend on it to know how the information are packed in the
* the run indicator status (0x00 = OFF, 0xFF = ON)
* additional data specific to each controller. For example, libmodbus returns
the version of the library as a string.
The function writes at most _max_dest_ bytes from the response to _dest_ so
you must ensure that _dest_ is large enough.
The function shall return the number of read data if successful.
If the output was truncated due to the _max_dest_ limit then the return value is
the number of bytes which would have been written to _dest_ if enough space had
been available. Thus, a return value greater than _max_dest_ means that the
response data was truncated.
Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno.
uint8_t tab_bytes[MODBUS_MAX_PDU_LENGTH];
rc = modbus_report_slave_id(ctx, MODBUS_MAX_PDU_LENGTH, tab_bytes);
if (rc > 1) {
printf("Run Status Indicator: %s\n", tab_bytes[1] ? "ON" : "OFF");
The libmodbus documentation was written by Stéphane Raimbault
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