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Rename package to libmodbus5 to fix lintian warning

Patch provided by Ivo De Decker <>.
Debian library packaging guide states "The package name should match the
shared library SONAME"
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1 parent 00cb49e commit 136a18804c34062c0e6078a963832346c22542d5 @stephane committed Jul 12, 2011
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  1. +2 −2 debian/control
  2. 0 debian/{libmodbus.install → libmodbus5.install}
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Section: libs
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 6), cdbs (>= 0.4.43), autotools-dev, libtool, dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19), asciidoc
-Package: libmodbus
+Package: libmodbus5
Section: libs
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Description: library for the Modbus protocol
Package: libmodbus-dev
Section: libdevel
Architecture: any
-Depends: libmodbus (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}
+Depends: libmodbus5 (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}
Description: library for the Modbus protocol
A Modbus library written in C, to send/receive data with a device which
respects the Modbus protocol. This library can use a serial port or an
File renamed without changes.

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