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Removed function prototype without implementation

Function modbus_receive_from has no implementation in the library and is not used anywhere.
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1 parent 4f4b08e commit 931364f6038921ca574adfaf623fd3d25d078e8b @AndreySV AndreySV committed with Mar 1, 2014
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@@ -223,7 +223,6 @@ MODBUS_API void modbus_mapping_free(modbus_mapping_t *mb_mapping);
MODBUS_API int modbus_send_raw_request(modbus_t *ctx, uint8_t *raw_req, int raw_req_length);
MODBUS_API int modbus_receive(modbus_t *ctx, uint8_t *req);
-MODBUS_API int modbus_receive_from(modbus_t *ctx, int sockfd, uint8_t *req);
MODBUS_API int modbus_receive_confirmation(modbus_t *ctx, uint8_t *rsp);

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