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After installation, you can use pkg-config to compile these tests.
For example, to compile random-test-server run:

gcc random-test-server.c -o random-test-server `pkg-config --libs --cflags libmodbus`

It's necessary to launch this server before run random-test-client. By
default, it receives and responses to Modbus query on the localhost
and port 1502.

This programm sends many different queries to a large range of
addresses and values to test the communication between the client and
the server.

By default, this program sends some queries with the values defined in
unit-test.h and checks the responses. These programs are useful to
test the protocol implementation.

It returns some very useful informations about the performance of
transfert rate between the server and the client.

- bandwidth-server-one: it can handles only one connection with a client.
- bandwidth-server-many-up: it opens a connection each time a new client asks
  for, but the number of connection is limited. The same server process handles
  all the connections.
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