Call for Testers

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We really need testers because the libmodbus supports many platforms and backends. If you intend to test libmodbus, please add your name to the list:

  • <>, Linux TCP/IP (IPv4 and PI) and USB serial

  • <>, AT91SAM9G20 (IP and RTU) Linux 2.6.38-rc

  • <>, Windows XP Pro 32 bits, MinGW/GCC (see Issue #9). I just ran unit tests to help someone.

  • <>, Debian GNU/Linux. RTU. Mini ITX w/ PCI and USB Serial + ARM

  • <>, LynxOS 4.2, LynxOS 5.0. TCP/IPv4 tests on x86 and MVME5500

  • <>, ARM Linux (AT91SAM9G20 (IPv4 + RTU) Linux 2.6.36-rc6 libmodbus compiled using BusyBox 1.19.4

  • <>, ARM v7 Linux (BeagleBone Black) (IPv4) Linux 2.8.6 libmodbus 3.1 compiled using gcc. Tested with a Modbus OPC Server and tests examples.

  • <nikorun 'at'>, ARM v7 Linux (BeagleBone Black) with last Angstrom + Raspberry PI on Raspbian. tested BBB with a TCP Modbus Master running Mango from Serotonine. Working on Pi implementation. I also have a working Modbus on RS485 too (Active Home Automation network) but haven’t tested libmodbus on it (lack of 3.3v RS485 IC …​).

  • <>, Raspberry Pi model A,A+,B,B+, 2 running Raspbian or any other linux based OSes. Successfully tested libmodbus RPi communicating with RS485 devices. RPi makes use of UART to RS 485 chips such as 3485 or 75176.

How to Test

Try to compile the latest version and run the unit tests of the tests directory. Launch ./unit-test-server in a shell and ./unit-test-client in another, you can also specify argument to test other backends (run ./unit-test-client -h to show the accepted arguments, eg. ./unit-test-client rtu).

If you already use libmodbus for your project, it’s great to have some real test cases too.

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