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Adding FM Composer song playback to your software

  • Copy the files from this folder to your project's folder
  • Include "fmlib.h" to your C/C++ code
  • Create the FMC engine with the desired playback frequency
fmsynth* fm = fm_create(44100);
  • Load some song
// from a file

// from memory
fm_loadSongFromMemory(fm, char* data, unsigned length)
  • Play !

To get the sound output, you need to request it using the fm_render function. Usually, the framework/sound library you use will give you some callback function for that.

void myAudioCallback(short *out, int nbFrames){

  // nbFrames*2 because the output is stereo
  // FM_RENDER_16 will output 16 bit signed short
  // There are also FM_RENDER_24, FM_RENDER_FLOAT and other other formats available

  • Change the output volume
fm_setPlaybackVolume(fm,int volume); // 0 to 99
  • Get the song length in seconds
float songLength = fm_getSongLength(fm);
  • Set the playback position
// pattern is the index of the pattern to seek at
// row is the row number
// cutMode tells how the playing notes are affected : 0 = keep playing notes, 1 = force note off, 2 = hard cut
fm_setPosition(fm, int pattern, int row, int cutMode);
  • Get the playback position
int currentPattern, currentRow;
fm_getPosition(fm, &currentPattern, &currentRow);
  • Change the song tempo
// tempo is in BPM, from 1 to 255. Setting may be overrided by the song if some pattern use Tempo commands
fm_setTempo(fm, int tempo);
  • Once you are tired of this
fm_destroy(fm); // free resources allocated with fm_create

There are a lot more functions in fmlib.h, take a look at it for more informations