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Spotter Network Gibson Ridge feed filter

snfilter helps you filter the gibson ridge feeds from spotternetwork down to just the spotters you actually want to see. This is particularly helpful for spotter organizations that just want to see their own spotters during a major severe weather event.

You can see the spotter network gibson ridge feeds page for more information.

This package can also convert the output to other formats, such as json and TruVu Max Navigated CSV. Please note that if you use the output for commercial purposes, you must contact the spotter network and get permission to use the data in your broadcast.

Additional formats can be supported. If you'd like to see a particular output format, please create an issue in github and I'd consider hacking it in.

To install, use this:

pip install snfilter

After installing this package, you get a command line utility called snfilter-cli that allows you to filter those feeds in a scheduled task or cron job. Simply pull the feed like this:

snfilter-cli pull

which will pull the feed file down to the current directory and save it to grfeed.txt. Then use the filter command, like this:

snfilter-cli filter --nameslist "Daniel Shaw,W5ZFQ:Andrew,Ben Holcomb"

Which will output the filtered feed to stdout. Use the --help option for more information on the available options.

Notice the W5ZFQ:Andrew part in the example nameslist option? That will translate the name from the feed to what ever is after the : in the filtered output.

There is a web interface for this tool, which is available here. A live instance of this webapp is available.


Spotter Network Feed filter




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