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EWG - Ephemeral Wedding Gallery

AWG is a web gallery, easy-to-use, responsive, that allows a photographer to show the photos and take orders for prints.

This web gallery app is based on the following technologies:

Thanks to this web gallery, as a photographer, you can:

  • upload your pictures to sell the prints
  • show these pictures to the guests
  • receive orders from the guests
  • check the current value of the carts in progress
  • manage pricing per format and quantity
  • define special discount/pricing, that can time limited
  • manage prints (using LP & CUPS on Unix OS) & payments
  • cancel (if not already printed/payed) and reactivate orders
  • send the files paid by email to the user (can be disable via config)
  • Start slideshows of photos or most liked ones (fully customisable: size, nb pages, nb photos per page)

Guests can:

  • manage their account (first/lastname, email, location)
  • see all the pictures in a responsive gallery (from their smartphone)
  • see the active pricing
  • select the picture and specify the quantity per format
  • the price is calculated in realtime
  • confirm the orders (and cancel any order if the print has not been done)
  • track the orders (pending, printed, payed, canceled, completed)
  • cancel orders not printed
  • download the photo file if the order is paid (can be disable via config)
  • change the language of the user interface (French/English)

More features will come in the future.


Guest login

Alt Guest login

Guest gallery

Alt Guest gallery

Guest order confirmation

Alt Guest order confirmation

Guest pricing information

Alt Guest pricing information

Guest orders list

Alt Guest orders list

Guest order details

Alt Guest order details

Admin gallery

Alt Admin gallery

Admin upload

Alt Admin upload

Admin pricing

Alt Admin pricing

Admin orders list

Alt Admin orders list

Admin order details

Alt Admin order details


AWG requires:

  • Composer.
  • Git to clone the project and contribute.
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL:
    • example: WAMP/MAMP/LAMP stacks
  • PHP in command line

Install with Git:

$ cd yourdirectory
$ git clone https://github.com/stephanfo/AWG
$ cd AWG

Install all required dependencies:

$ php composer.phar update

or depending on your installation of composer

$ composer update

If not already done at the previous step, edit parameters in the file app/config/parameters.yml.

    database_host: your_database_host_IP_or_Host
    database_port: your_database_port
    database_name: your_database_name
    database_user: your_database_user
    database_password: your_database_password
    admin_password: your_admin_password

Update MySQL database and clear cache:

$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force
$ php bin/console cache:clear --env prod ; php bin/console cache:clear

You will also need to update your server configuration (Vhost, DNS, ...) to allow guests to access the gallery.


If you activate this functionality to offer your files (check the config menu), the user will be able to download the paid photos through the order page, and admin can send the photos by email in the order page. If you use the emailing feature, all emails will be spooled, waiting for one of these 3 following command lines to send the queue.

$ php bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --env=prod
$ php bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --message-limit=10 --env=prod
$ php bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --time-limit=10 --env=prod


For any assistance, issue, please post on the AWG Github repository.