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#lang racket
(require srfi/13)
; It would be really cool if we could do strict checking of
; the enums. And in fact the info appears to be available in enum.spec
; and I wrote the code to do it. But I quickly found out that enum.spec
; is too buggy to be useful for that purpose.
; Eveything a C compiler doesn't check is likely to be unreliable in that file...
(define strongly-typed-enums #f)
(define-struct param-spec
(name type mode shape size))
(define-struct function-spec
(params #:mutable)
(return #:mutable)
(version #:mutable)
(category #:mutable)
(alias #:mutable)
(deprecated #:mutable)))
(define-struct constant-spec
(value #:mutable)))
(define-struct enum-spec
(constants #:mutable)))
(define-struct mode-dependent-type (in out))
(define type-to-vector
(_int8 . _s8vector)
(_uint16 . _u16vector)
(_int16 . _s16vector)
(_uint32 . _u32vector)
(_int32 . _s32vector)
(_uint64 . _u64vector)
(_int64 . _s64vector)
(_float . _f32vector)
(_double* . _f64vector))))
(define vector-to-contract
(_bytes . bytes?)
(_s8vector . s8vector?)
(_u16vector . u16vector?)
(_s16vector . s16vector?)
(_u32vector . u32vector?)
(_s32vector . s32vector?)
(_u64vector . u64vector?)
(_s64vector . s64vector?)
(_f32vector . f32vector?)
(_f64vector . f64vector?))))
(define (pointer-to type . args)
(if (and (equal? args '(1)) (not (eq? type '_void)))
`(_ptr i ,type) `(_ptr o ,type))
(case type
((_void) '_pointer/intptr)
((_byte _uint8) (mode-dependent-type
(if (null? args)
`(_bytes o ,@ args))))
(let ((vt (hash-ref type-to-vector type #f)))
(if vt
`(,vt i)
(if (null? args)
`(,vt o ,@ args)))
`(_vector i ,type)
(if (null? args)
`(_vector o ,type ,@ args)))))))))
(define basic-type-map
(cons "GLshort" '_int16)
(cons "GLvoid" '_void)
(cons "const GLubyte *" (pointer-to '_uint8))
(cons "GLsync" '_GLsync)
(cons "GLhandleARB" '_uint32)
(cons "GLboolean" '_bool)
(cons "struct _cl_event *" '_pointer)
(cons "GLint64EXT" '_int64)
(cons "GLsizeiptrARB" '_intptr)
(cons "GLenum" '_int32)
(cons "GLint" '_int32)
(cons "GLclampd" '_double*)
(cons "GLvoid*" (pointer-to '_void))
(cons "GLhalfNV"'_uint16) ; A 16-bit floating point number. You get the bits, good luck. ;-)
; (cons "_GLfuncptr" __GLfuncptr)
(cons "GLubyte" '_uint8)
; (cons "GLvdpauSurfaceNV" _GLvdpauSurfaceNV)
(cons "GLcharARB*" (pointer-to '_byte))
(cons "GLdouble*" (pointer-to '_double*))
(cons "struct _cl_context *" '_pointer)
(cons "GLcharARB" '_byte)
(cons "GLfloat" '_float)
(cons "GLuint64" '_uint64)
(cons "GLbyte" '_int8)
(cons "GLbitfield" '_uint32)
(cons "GLuint64EXT" '_uint64)
(cons "GLchar*" (pointer-to '_byte))
(cons "GLchar* const" (pointer-to '_byte))
(cons "GLsizeiptr" '_intptr)
(cons "GLchar" '_byte)
; (cons "GLUquadric*" _GLUquadric*)
(cons "GLdouble" '_double*)
(cons "GLintptr" '_intptr)
; (cons "GLUtesselator*" _GLUtesselator*)
(cons "GLsizei" '_int32)
(cons "GLvoid* const" (pointer-to '_void))
(cons "GLboolean*" (pointer-to '_bool))
(cons "GLint64" '_int64)
(cons "GLintptrARB" '_intptr)
; (cons "GLUnurbs*" _GLUnurbs*)
(cons "GLuint" '_uint32)
(cons "GLclampf" '_float)
(cons "GLushort" '_uint16)
(cons "GLfloat*" (pointer-to '_float)))))
(define (read-type-map input-port)
(let ((result '()))
(for ((l (in-lines input-port)))
((regexp-match #px"^#" l) => void)
(let ((lst (regexp-split #px"\\s*,\\s*" l)))
(set! result
(cons (cons (list-ref lst 0) (list-ref lst 3))
(define type-map (make-hash (call-with-input-file "specfiles/" read-type-map)))
(hash-set! type-map "void" "GLvoid")
(define (print-enum spec)
(let ((name (enum-spec-name spec))
(vals (for/list ((cs (in-list (enum-spec-constants spec)))
#:when (constant-spec-value cs))
(string->symbol (format "GL_~a" (constant-spec-name cs))))))
(printf "(define-enum gl~a? ~s)~%"
(define (print-bitfield spec)
(let ((name (enum-spec-name spec))
(vals (for/list ((cs (in-list (enum-spec-constants spec)))
#:when (constant-spec-value cs))
(string->symbol (format "GL_~a" (constant-spec-name cs))))))
(printf "(define-bitfield gl~a? ~s)~%"
(define (get-extension-url extension)
(let* ((mo (regexp-match #rx"^([0-9A-Z]+)_(.*)$" extension))
(prefix (list-ref mo 1))
(base (list-ref mo 2)))
(format ""
prefix base)))
(define (read-manpages input-port)
(for/set ((l (in-lines input-port)))
(string-trim l)))
(define manpages (call-with-input-file "specfiles/manpages.txt" read-manpages))
(define manpages4 (call-with-input-file "specfiles/manpages4.txt" read-manpages))
(define (get-manpage-helper name)
((set-member? manpages4 name)
(format "" name)
((set-member? manpages name)
(format "" name)
(else #f)))
(define (get-manpage name)
((get-manpage-helper name) => values)
((regexp-match #rx"^(.*?[^0-9])[1-4]?(u?[bsi]|[fd])v?$" name)
(λ (m) (get-manpage-helper (list-ref m 1))))
(else #f)))
;; Convert a hash to a list in a deterministic order.
(define (hash->sorted-list h)
(sort (hash->list h)
#:key (λ (p) (symbol->string (car p)))
#:cache-keys? #t))
(define (read-enums input-port)
(let ((visited (set))
(pname-map (make-hasheqv))
(constants (make-hash))
(enums (make-hash))
(current-enum #f))
(define (get-constant-spec name)
(hash-ref constants name
(lambda ()
(let ((new-spec (constant-spec name #f)))
(hash-set! constants name new-spec)
(define (define-enum name)
(let ((spec (hash-ref enums name
(lambda ()
(let ((type (hash-ref type-map name #f)))
(if (or (equal? type "GLenum") (equal? type "GLbitfield"))
(let ((new-spec (enum-spec name type '())))
(hash-set! enums name new-spec)
(set! current-enum spec)))
(define (add-to-current-enum cs)
(when current-enum
(set-enum-spec-constants! current-enum (cons cs (enum-spec-constants current-enum)))))
(define (parse-pname name line)
((regexp-match #px"#\\s+([0-9]+)\\s+" line)
=> (lambda (m) (hash-set! pname-map (string->symbol (format "GL_~a" name))
(string->number (list-ref m 1)))))))
(define (define-constant name value line)
(unless (set-member? visited name)
(printf "(define GL_~a ~a)~%" name value)
(printf "(provide GL_~a)~%" name)
(set! visited (set-add visited name))
(let ((cs (get-constant-spec name)))
(set-constant-spec-value! cs value)
(add-to-current-enum cs))
(parse-pname name line)))
(for ((l (in-lines input-port)))
((regexp-match #px"^\\s*([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\s+enum:" l)
(lambda (m)
(define-enum (list-ref m 1))))
((regexp-match #px"^\\s*use\\s+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\s+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)" l)
(lambda (m)
(add-to-current-enum (get-constant-spec (list-ref m 2)))))
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\s*=\\s*([0-9]+)\\s*(#.*)?$" l)
(lambda (m)
(define-constant (list-ref m 1) (list-ref m 2) l)))
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\s*=\\s*0[xX]([0-9a-fA-F]+)\\s*(#.*)?$" l)
(lambda (m)
(define-constant (list-ref m 1) (string-append "#x" (list-ref m 2)) l)))))
(printf "~s~%"
`(define pname-map (hasheqv
,@(for*/list ((p (in-list (hash->sorted-list pname-map)))
(k (in-value (car p)))
(v (in-value (cdr p)))
#:when (not (= v 1))
(y (list k v)))
(when strongly-typed-enums
(for (((k v) (in-hash enums)))
(let ((type (enum-spec-type v)))
((equal? type "GLenum") (print-enum v))
((equal? type "GLbitfield") (print-bitfield v))))))
(define (read-function-specs input-port)
(let ((result '())
(current-function-spec #f))
(define (new-function m)
(let* ((name (list-ref m 1))
(spec (function-spec name '() #f #f #f #f #f)))
(set! result (cons spec result))
(set! current-function-spec spec)))
(define (handle-param m)
(let ((spec (apply param-spec (cdr m))))
(set-function-spec-params! current-function-spec
(function-spec-params current-function-spec)
(list spec)))))
(define (handle-return m)
(let ((return-type (list-ref m 1)))
(set-function-spec-return! current-function-spec return-type)))
(define (handle-version m)
(set-function-spec-version! current-function-spec (list-ref m 1)))
(define (handle-category m)
(set-function-spec-category! current-function-spec (list-ref m 1)))
(define (handle-alias m)
(set-function-spec-alias! current-function-spec (list-ref m 1)))
(define (handle-deprecated m)
(set-function-spec-deprecated! current-function-spec (list-ref m 1)))
(for ((l (in-lines input-port)))
((regexp-match #px"^([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\(.*\\)" l) => new-function)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+return\\s+(\\S+)" l) => handle-return)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+version\\s+([0-9.]+)" l) => handle-version)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+category\\s+(\\S+)" l) => handle-category)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+alias\\s+(\\S+)" l) => handle-alias)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+deprecated\\s+([0-9.]+)" l) => handle-deprecated)
((regexp-match #px"^\\s+param\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)(?:\\s+\\[(.*)\\])?" l) => handle-param)))
(sort result string<? #:key function-spec-name)))
(define enums
(call-with-input-file "specfiles/enum.spec" read-enums))
(define (base-to-ffi-type type)
((hash-ref enums type #f)
(lambda (t2) t2))
((hash-ref type-map type #f)
(lambda (t2) (hash-ref basic-type-map t2 t2)))
(else type)))
(define (parse-param-spec-size str)
(if str
((regexp-match #px"^[0-9]+$" str) (list (string->number str)))
((regexp-match #px"^[a-zA-Z]+$" str) (list (string->symbol str)))
((regexp-match #px"^([a-zA-Z]+)\\*([0-9]+)$" str)
(lambda (m) (list '* (string->symbol (list-ref m 1)) (string->number (list-ref m 2)))))
((equal? str "COMPSIZE(pname)") '((hash-ref pname-map pname 1)))
(printf "; Unparseable array size expression: ~a~%" str)
(define (to-ffi-type param-spec)
(let ((t (base-to-ffi-type (param-spec-type param-spec)))
(shape (param-spec-shape param-spec))
(size-args (parse-param-spec-size (param-spec-size param-spec))))
(let ((result
((equal? shape "value") t)
((equal? shape "array")
(if t (apply pointer-to t size-args) (pointer-to '_void)))
((equal? shape "reference")
(if (and t (not (eq? t '_void)))
(mode-dependent-type `(_ptr i ,t) `(_ptr o ,t))
(pointer-to '_void)))
(else t))))
(select-mode result (param-spec-mode param-spec)))))
(define (return-to-ffi-type rettype)
((equal? rettype "String")
(else (select-mode (base-to-ffi-type rettype) "out"))))
(define (output-type? t)
(and (list? t) (memq 'o t)))
(define (sanitize name)
(if (eq? name 'values) 'the-values name))
; return function type and arity
(define (to-ffi-fun funspec)
(let* ((params (map
(lambda (p)
(list (sanitize (string->symbol (param-spec-name p)))
': (to-ffi-type p)))
(function-spec-params funspec)))
(output-params (map car (filter (lambda (p) (output-type? (list-ref p 2))) params)))
(rettype (return-to-ffi-type (function-spec-return funspec)))
(arity (- (length params) (length output-params))))
((null? output-params)
`(,@params -> ,rettype))
((eq? rettype '_void)
(if (= 1 (length output-params))
`(,@params -> ,rettype -> ,(car output-params))
`(,@params -> ,rettype -> (values ,@ output-params))))
`(,@params -> (result : ,rettype) -> (values result ,@ output-params))))
(define (select-mode t mode)
((mode-dependent-type? t)
((equal? mode "in")
(select-mode (mode-dependent-type-in t) mode))
((equal? mode "out")
(select-mode (mode-dependent-type-out t) mode))
(else (error "Unknown mode:" mode))))
((pair? t)
(cons (select-mode (car t) mode)
(select-mode (cdr t) mode)))
(else t)))
(define (contains-string? expr)
((string? expr) #t)
((pair? expr)
(or (contains-string? (car expr)) (contains-string? (cdr expr))))
(else #f)))
(define (cleanup-type-for-ffi type)
((pair? type)
(cons (cleanup-type-for-ffi (car type))
(cleanup-type-for-ffi (cdr type))))
((enum-spec? type)
(base-to-ffi-type (enum-spec-type type)))
(else type)))
(define (cleanup-type-for-doc type)
((enum-spec? type)
(if strongly-typed-enums
(string->symbol (format "gl~a?" (enum-spec-name type)))
(cleanup-type-for-doc (base-to-ffi-type (enum-spec-type type)))))
((list? type)
(let ((head (car type)))
(case head
((_ptr) (cleanup-type-for-doc (list-ref type 2)))
((_vector) `(vectorof ,(cleanup-type-for-doc (list-ref type 2))))
(hash-ref vector-to-contract head type)))))
((symbol? type)
(case type
((_void) 'void?)
((_int8) '(integer-in -128 127))
((_uint8) '(integer-in 0 255))
((_int16) '(integer-in -32768 32767))
((_uint16) '(integer-in 0 65535))
((_int32 _intptr _int64) 'exact-integer?)
((_uint32 _uint64) 'exact-nonnegative-integer?)
((_GLsync) 'GLsync?)
((_float) 'flonum?)
((_double*) 'real?)
((_bool) 'boolean?)
((_pointer) 'cpointer?)
((_pointer/intptr) 'gl-pointer?)
((_string*/utf-8) '(or/c string? bytes?))
(hash-ref vector-to-contract type type))))
(else type)))
(define (fun-type->doc fun-type)
(define (scan-inputs fun-type inputs outputs)
(let ((head (car fun-type)))
((eq? head '->)
(values (reverse inputs)
(scan-outputs (cdr fun-type) outputs)))
(let* ((name (car head))
(type (list-ref head 2))
(clean-type (cleanup-type-for-doc type)))
(if (output-type? type)
(scan-inputs (cdr fun-type) inputs (cons (cons name clean-type) outputs))
(scan-inputs (cdr fun-type)
(cons (list name clean-type) inputs)
(define (process-outputs output output-assoc)
((assq output output-assoc) => cdr)
(else 'any/c)))
(define (named-type? expr)
(and (list? expr) (= (length expr) 3) (eq? (list-ref expr 1) ':)))
(define (scan-outputs fun-type output-assoc)
(let* ((ret-type (car fun-type))
(ret-type (if (named-type? ret-type) (list-ref ret-type 2) ret-type))
(ret-type (cleanup-type-for-doc ret-type))
(ret-expr (if (= (length fun-type) 3)
(list-ref fun-type 2)
(output-assoc (cons (cons 'result ret-type) output-assoc)))
((not ret-expr)
(if (eq? ret-type 'void?) 'any ret-type))
((and (pair? ret-expr) (eq? (car ret-expr) 'values))
(map (lambda (o) (process-outputs o output-assoc)) (cdr ret-expr))))
(else (process-outputs ret-expr output-assoc)))))
(scan-inputs fun-type '() '()))
(define (print-doc port name fun-type spec)
(let-values (((args-doc return-doc) (fun-type->doc fun-type)))
(fprintf port "@defproc[~s ~s]{~%"
(cons (string->symbol (string-append "gl" name)) args-doc)
(let ((extension-proc? (regexp-match #px"[A-Z][A-Z]$" name))
(version (function-spec-version spec))
(cat (function-spec-category spec)))
(if extension-proc?
(fprintf port "Extension @hyperlink[\"~a\"]{@racket[GL_~a]}.~%"
(get-extension-url cat)
(when (and version (not (string=? version "1.0")))
(fprintf port "Version ~a.~%" (function-spec-version spec)))))
(when (function-spec-deprecated spec)
(fprintf port "Deprecated in version ~a.~%" (function-spec-deprecated spec)))
((get-manpage name)
(λ (url)
(apply fprintf port "~%See the @hyperlink[\"~a\"]{gl~a manpage}.~%" url))))
(when (function-spec-alias spec)
(fprintf port "~%Alias of @racket[gl~a].~%" (function-spec-alias spec)))
(fprintf port "}~%")))
(define (print-doc-header doc-port first-letter)
(fprintf doc-port "#lang scribble/manual~%")
(fprintf doc-port "@title{gl~a...}~%" first-letter))
(define doc-files '())
(define get-doc-port
(let ((doc-hash (make-hash)))
(lambda (name)
(let ((first-letter (string-ref name 0)))
(hash-ref doc-hash first-letter
(lambda ()
(let* ((filename (format "generated/" first-letter))
(port (open-output-file filename
#:exists 'replace)))
(print-doc-header port first-letter)
(hash-set! doc-hash first-letter port)
(set! doc-files (cons filename doc-files))
(define (fun-type->contract fun-type)
(let-values (((args-doc return-doc) (fun-type->doc fun-type)))
`(->> ,@(map cadr args-doc) ,return-doc)))
(define name->checker
"Begin" 'check-gl-error-begin
"End" 'check-gl-error-end
"GetError" 'void))
(for ((spec (in-list (call-with-input-file "specfiles/gl.spec.FIXED" read-function-specs))))
(let*-values (((fun-t arity) (to-ffi-fun spec))
((name) (function-spec-name spec))
((fun-t-ffi) (cleanup-type-for-ffi fun-t)))
(if (contains-string? fun-t-ffi)
(display "; ")
(when #t ; (not (regexp-match #px"[A-Z]$" name))
(let ((doc-port (get-doc-port name)))
(print-doc doc-port name fun-t spec))))
(printf "(define-gl gl~a ~s ~s ~s ~s)~%" name arity fun-t-ffi (fun-type->contract fun-t)
(hash-ref name->checker name 'check-gl-error))))
(call-with-output-file "generated/gl_specs.txt" #:exists 'replace
(λ (out)
(for ((doc-file (in-list (sort doc-files string<?))))
(fprintf out "@include-section[\"~a\"]~%" doc-file))))
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