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@stephanieLGBT stephanieLGBT released this Sep 29, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

updated documentation in custom cfgs (tv_name and tv_title, specifically)
fixed map list in maps zip

Size: 174040058 bytes (165 MiB)
CRC32: 37C42727
CRC64: BF7849BA7620A3CE
SHA256: 7EDD88D3D00EFD1DD05C61A9366ECFB606F430B7AD57435C2FFCF8CA1DD7E8AA
SHA1: 83A049512E466988E912ADBEA00093E73996BB3B
BLAKE2sp: F0E8CEC79D56BDDE093218022338967C46D4AA77CF20BE14ADA01CAF66C23606
Size: 443525 bytes (433 KiB)
CRC32: B1C9B64D
CRC64: E040CB4C6CB31B6F
SHA256: FECA68E4E1ACE54649AB0D57368B28979A835B0717F29A5B6B96B6E9B444E2C8
SHA1: 8D52F8D96B9B4FCFF926B093C96D402676ADFE98
BLAKE2sp: EBC538ADA3EB89C60187C1013FC1576128FDEF7F618363233C996943B27E5DEC
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