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The Minecraft Server Mod API Implementation

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A Bukkit (Minecraft Server API) implementation


We use maven to handle our dependencies.

  • Install Maven 3
  • Check out and install Bukkit
    • Note: this is not needed as the repository we use has Bukkit too, but you might have a newer one (with your own changes :D)
  • Check out this repo and: mvn clean package

Coding and Pull Request Conventions

  • We generally follow the Sun/Oracle coding standards.
  • No tabs; use 4 spaces instead.
  • No trailing whitespaces.
  • No 80 column limit or 'weird' midstatement newlines.
  • The number of commits in a pull request should be kept to a minimum (squish them into one most of the time - use common sense!).
  • No merges should be included in pull requests unless the pull request's purpose is a merge.
  • Pull requests should be tested (does it compile? AND does it work?) before submission.

If you make changes or add net.minecraft.server classes it is mandatory to:

  • Get the files from the mc-dev repo - make sure you have the last version!
  • Mark your changes with:
    • 1 line; add a trailing: // CraftBukkit [- Optional reason]
    • 2+ lines; add
      • Before: // CraftBukkit start [- Optional comment]
      • After: // CraftBukkit end
  • Keep the diffs to a minimum (really important)

Follow the above conventions if you want your pull requests accepted.

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