Client library for Socket.IO for running scripts from node, i.e. introduces io.Socket object [This fork is just to fix some buglets I've seen.]
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Socket.IO node client

This is a modified version of the nodejs socketio client which is much more compatible with the real socketio client.

Please note that I'm not the author of Socket.IO - that juicy goodness belongs to LearnBoost

The io-client.js script that allows your client JavaScript that depends on Socket.IO to run in Node. This means that you shuold be able to run your script both on the client side and server side without any modifications.


Where the client side code includes Socket.IO as follows, this shim will allow your client code to also run on the server without any modifications (though assuming you're able to import your code as a module in node):

var socket = new io.Socket('localhost', {'port': 8000});

socket.on('connect', function () {
  console.log('yay, connected!');
  socket.send('hi there!');

socket.on('message', function (msg) {
  console.log('a new message came in: ' + JSON.stringify(msg));


If the above code was in myapp.js, you can use it in a node app as follows:

var io = require('./io-client').io;
    clientApp = require('./myapp.js');

Now myapp.js will run without any modifications in a node environment.


I've only tested this shim a little bit and it works perfectly to get förbind connecting from the server side. I've not tested broadcasts or multiple messages or message dropping - maybe there's a solution already that I've not spotted!