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RHINO ?= js
JSLINT ?= ../jslint.js
JAVA ?= java
YUICOMP ?= ../yuicompressor.jar
HTMLCOMP ?= ../htmlcompressor.jar
OGGENC ?= oggenc
JSFILES := $(shell grep 'script src="src/' arashi.html | sed \
-e 's/^.\+\? src="//' -e 's/".\+//')
WAVFILES := $(shell find snd -iname '*.wav')
OGGFILES := $(WAVFILES:%.wav=%.ogg)
DISTSOUNDS := $(WAVFILES:snd/%=dist/snd/%) $(OGGFILES:snd/%=dist/snd/%)
@echo "The following make targets are defined:"
@echo " dist: Create compressed JavaScript and CSS."
@echo " lint: Run JSLint on all JavaScript source files."
@echo " clean: Remove any files created by the above."
dist: dist/arashi.html dist/arashi.js dist/arashi.css ${DISTSOUNDS}
-rm -f dist/arashi.html dist/arashi.js dist/arashi.css ${DISTSOUNDS}
-find src -iname '*.lint.js' | xargs rm -f
for i in ${JSFILES}; do \
echo "Linting $$i..."; \
cat util/lint.head.js $$i > $$i.lint.js; \
${RHINO} ${JSLINT} $$i.lint.js; \
rm -fr $$i.lint.js; \
echo; \
dist/arashi.html: arashi.html
sed arashi.html \
-e '/script src="src\//d' \
-e 's/<\/head>/<script src="arashi.js"><\/script><\/head>/' \
-e 's/jquery\.js/jquery.min.js/' \
-e '/arashi_devmode/d' \
| ${JAVA} -jar ${HTMLCOMP} \
--compress-js --compress-css \
--remove-intertag-spaces --remove-quotes \
> dist/arashi.html
dist/arashi.js: ${JSFILES} util/dist.head.js
cat util/dist.head.js ${JSFILES} \
| ${JAVA} -jar ${YUICOMP} --type js \
> dist/arashi.js
dist/arashi.css: arashi.css
${JAVA} -jar ${YUICOMP} --type css -o dist/arashi.css arashi.css
dist/snd/%.wav: snd/%.wav
cp $< $@
dist/snd/%.ogg: dist/snd/%.wav
${OGGENC} -o $@ -Q $<
.PHONY: usage dist clean lint