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#!/usr/bin/env python
# When given the Arashi resource fork, this script reads SPCE resources and reformats them as
# JavaScript Grid object instatiations.
# The resources contain angles in units of 3 degrees. Seems like this was done to 'scale' angles
# down into an 8-bit word? But then they were stored in 16-bit words in the resource fork...
# Either way, we convert them to regular 1 degree units here.
import sys, struct
from rfork import ResourceFork
rf = ResourceFork(sys.argv[1])
for resource in rf['SPCE'].itervalues():
data =
numsegs, wraps, seglen, xoff, yoff = struct.unpack('>hbbbb', data[:6])
if wraps == 1: wraps = 'true'
else: wraps = 'false'
segs = struct.unpack('>%dh' % numsegs, data[8:8+numsegs*2])
print '// %s' %
print """\
Grid%d = new Grid({ wraps: %s, twist: [%d,%d], angles: [
""" % (resource.resid, wraps, xoff, yoff, ', '.join([str(x * 3) for x in segs]))