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ArashiJS is a Tempest-clone in JavaScript / HTML5
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ArashiJS is a (work-in-progress) Tempest-clone written in JavaScript and HTML5.

ArashiJS is adapted from Project ARASHI for the Apple Macintosh. Project Arashi is available at:


The game is incomplete at the time of writing.

To launch, simply open arashi.html in a browser.


ArashiJS is licensed GNU GPL version 2. See the COPYING file for details.


Directory structure

  • src contains all the JavaScript source code.
  • snd contains the WAV PCM conversions of the original sounds.
  • img contains the SVG and PNG conversions of the original images.
  • util contains some utilities used in conversion and by the Makefile.
  • dist contains distributables created by make.

Code structure

The game loop is found in src/engine.js. The engine basically keeps track of the game state, and calls the related handler method each frame. These methods in turn live in the source files underneath src/gamestates/.

All other files are basically utilities for getting things done:

  • The src/vakit/ directory contains drawing utilities (which stem from the VAKit library in the original Project ARASHI).

  • The src/soundkit.js library is a minimal abstraction for playing sound effects.

  • The src/random.js library contains a pseudo-random number generator. The most significant feature of this is that it is seedable. (This is necessary for playback of recordings.)

  • The src/grid.js library contains the code for reading and drawing the level's grid, and includes definitions for levels converted from the original.

Build infrastructure

A Makefile is included, which fulfills some optional development tasks:

  • make lint runs JSLint on all source files. Before each source file is processed, the file util/lint.head.js is concatenated. This file contains the default JSLint options used throughout the source code. You can override the environment variables RHINO and JSLINT if the defaults don't work for your set-up.

  • make dist creates the compressed JavaScript and CSS distributables under dist/. The file util/dist.head.js is concatenated to the input of the compressor. You can override the environment variables JAVA and YUICOMP if the defaults don't work for your set-up.

  • make clean is your run-off-the-mill cleaning target for the above two.

Canvas pecularities

The HTML5 canvas has a fair amount of state variables. This is the place to document the pecularities of how ArashiJS deals with these variables.

  • When using the drawing state stack, always restore before a stroke or fill operation.
  • Always reset globalAlpha to 1.0 when you're done using it.
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