ArashiJS is a Tempest-clone in JavaScript / HTML5
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ArashiJS is a (work-in-progress) Tempest-clone written in JavaScript and HTML5.

ArashiJS is adapted from Project ARASHI for the Apple Macintosh. The original Project ARASHI is still available at Juri Munkki's website.


The game is incomplete at the time of writing.

You may visit the online version of ArashiJS to play the latest and greatest of ArashiJS at any time.

Should you download ArashiJS, then you can simply open arashi.html to play.


Fork me on Github! If you're not already reading this file on Github, then take a look at the github project page.

For some documentation on the code, see the included file.


ArashiJS is licensed GNU GPL version 2. See the COPYING file for details.