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build build: escape backslashes in i18n strings Apr 22, 2012
i18n i18n: package hungarian translations Apr 2, 2012
libs libs/core: fix various problems in the network model Jun 17, 2012
modules modules/admin-full: allow to specify the DHCP pool start as IPv4 addr… Jun 5, 2012
po Commit from LuCI Translation Portal by user jow.: 92 of 92 messages t… May 3, 2012
protocols 6rd configuration support. Jun 17, 2012
.buildpath * new project: ff-luci - Freifunk Lua Configuration Interface Mar 2, 2008
.cproject More C-Functions (luci.cutil.instanceof, luci.cutil.pcdata) Nov 20, 2008
.gitignore Added "apidocs" target to Makefile Jul 29, 2008
.project LuCI Core C-Rewrite: First steps Nov 19, 2008
Makefile build: only consider directories containing a Makefile, fixes compila… Jan 5, 2012
NOTICE Add axTLS sourcecode Feb 22, 2009
THANKYOU * luci: replace all "OpenWRT" occurences with "OpenWrt" Oct 27, 2008