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*) Asteroids
*) More missions
*) FLF Nebula Campaign
*) Space Trader Missions
*) Misc Empire Guard missions
*) Pirate Missions
*) FLF Missions
*) Escorts available for hire
*) Better AI
*) boids ship fleet movement (have them behave like fleets)
*) Simplify controls
*) Emacs-style bindings
*) Combine similar commands into one
*) Short cut keys for buttons in toolkit windows like land
*) Hybrid ships
*) Start out with X skillpoints that get spread out by use, use fast at first
*) Can't use normal gear
*) very rare
*) random mutation for cloaking/displacement abilities
*) Graphic improvements
*) have ships flying in nebula leave traces
*) missile smoke
*) more special effects
*) cloaking effects
*) fancy displacement effects for some ships
*) Dynamic Politics - Faction wide AI
*) Allow player to create faction and control fleets
*) Allow subsystems to get damage
*) Pilot titles
*) would usually indicate changes on the base ship equipment
*) Radar improvements
*) non-linear - see alot more data then currently possible
*) objects always in sight (depending on resolution)
*) Allow creating collision masks to make collision more realistic.
*) Improve font system to handle unicode
*) Different optimization strategies
*) Optimize for CPU/Memory (different levels)
*) Optimize cache for loading
*) Testing improvements
*) Allow console to reload data (to avoid restarts)
*) Multiplayer
*) 3d models (not actually 3d though, just no sprites)