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.TH NAEV 6 "2009" "NAEV" "NAEV"
Naev \- A 2D space trading and combat game.
.B naev
is a space trading and combat game, inspired by Escape Velocity.
Played from a top-down perspective with isometric sprites, the player
is free to explore the galaxy as they see fit, trading or pirating
their way to a vast fortune.
Naev is set in a futuristic science fiction environment, in which
the player finds himself in the wake of a massive galactic cataclysm
which erupted from the Sol system and destroyed everything within
tens of lightyears, resulting in a massive, volatile nebula.
.BI --devmode
Enables the universe editor (accessible via main menu).
.BI --devcsv
Generates CSV output from ndata for development purposes.
.BI -F,\ --fps \ number
Limits frames per second to \fInumber\fP
.B -f, --fullscreen
Runs the game in full-screen mode
.B -G, --generate
Regenerates the nebula images (slow)
.BI -H \ number
Sets the window height to \fInumber\fP
.B -h, --help
Display a help message and exit
.BI -J,\ --Joystick \ string
Use joystick whose name contains \fIstring\fP
.BI -j,\ --joystick \ number
Use joystick \fInumber\fP
.B -M, --mute
Disables sound
.B -N, --nondata
Disables single-file ndata loading, falling back to laid-out files.
.BI -m,\ --mvol \ number
Sets the music volume to \fInumber\fP
.B -S, --sound
Forcibly enables sound
.BI -s,\ --svol \ number
Sets the sound volume to \fInumber\fP
.B -V, --vsync
Limits frames per second to screen refresh rate
.B -v, --version
Prints the version and exits
.BI -W \ number
Sets the window width to \fInumber\fP
Originally written by Edgar Simo <>. Currently
developed by the Naev Team.
An exhaustive list of contributors can be found at:
Visit the official homepage:
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