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TypedArrays in JS

This is an implementation of the TypedArrays draft spec for Node.js. It requires at least Node.js 0.7.7.

It's written in JavaScript, with one exception: makeFastBuffer. This is an extended version of Node.js' SlowBuffer.makeFastBuffer, to allow different types of V8 ExternalArray property access.


The implementation passes the WebGL conformance tests, but there are subtle differences with the current Node.js implementation when it comes to smaller details outside the spec:

  • Object#toString always returns [object Object]. There doesn't appear to be an API to set the class name for Function instances in V8.

  • DataView in Node.js allowed construction using TypedArrays. This is outside the spec (and Chrome doesn't allow it either).

  • ArrayBufferViews in Node.js could be constructed from a Node.js Buffer. This is still possible, but transparently creates an ArrayBuffer backed by the Buffer.

    In Node.js, ArrayBufferView#buffer would erronously be a Buffer in this situation, which breaks the spec. The underlying Node.js Buffer is made available as ArrayBuffer#nodeBuffer and ArrayBufferView#nodeBuffer, of which the latter may be a slice matching the view.

  • There is no TypedArray#get and TypedArray#set for indexing. These are also not in the spec, but can be added, of course. Chrome doesn't have them.

  • There is no TypedArray#slice, which is a Node.js extension that follows Buffer#slice behavior. The spec defines TypedArray#subarray.

    The name slice in this way also goes a bit against the definition ArrayBuffer#slice, which actually creates a copy.


Parts are © Joyent, © Khronos Group, and original work done here © Stéphan Kochen. All MIT licensed.