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Latest commit 6c4c6e2 @stephank Remove dependency on "ip"
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6in4 [package] 6in4, 6to4: remove dependency on "ip"
6rd Remove dependency on "ip"
6to4 [package] 6in4, 6to4: remove dependency on "ip"
acx-mac80211 kernel: remove kernel modules and references to kernels <= 2.6.36
admswconfig [package] admswconfig: reset interface after applying config
apex only support EABI on ARM targets
ar7-atm package/ar7-atm: allow to build on 3.3
arptables [package] artables ebtables iptables: Moved *tables to Firewall subme…
avila-wdt massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r…
base-files [package] base-files: implement network_get_gateway(), network_get_ga…
block-mount [package] /etc/ => /lib/
bridge-utils Update bridge-utils to the last upstream version 1.5.
broadcom-diag broadcom-diag: add missing break into switch case statement.
broadcom-wl [package] broadcom-wl: remove an erroneous BUG() call in the glue driver
busybox busybox: remove BUSYBOX_USE_LIBRPC
button-hotplug kernel: remove kernel modules and references to kernels <= 2.6.36
comgt [package] /etc/ => /lib/
compcache [package] compcache does not build on 2.6.38+
crda [package] crda: update to 1.1.2
cyassl [package] cyassl: use patch-libtool pkg fixup
dnsmasq [package] dnsmasq: bump package revision
dropbear [package] dropbear: patch possible use after free by authenticated re…
ead [package] ead: fixup some AC_DEFINE() invocations that will make rece…
ebtables ebtables: add a missing dependency
ep80579-drivers x86/ep80579: switch to 3.3
fbtest [packages/fbtest]: fbtest utility
fconfig [packages] Various Makefile cleanup.
firewall [package] firewall: allow incoming ICMPv6 router-advertisement and ne…
fuse fuse: update to 2.9.0
gdb [package] gdb: use an updated 6.8a tarball
goldfish-qemu [package] cleanup Makefiles (#7212)
gpio-button-hotplug kernel: remove kernel modules and references to kernels <= 2.6.36
gpioctl get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many p…
grub [package] grub: fix build with automake v1.11.3 (#11228)
hostap-driver wpa_supplicant: use wext driver for hostap and madwifi
hostap-utils get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many p…
hostapd hostapd: fix driver setting for wpa_s in IBSS/WPA-NONE
hotplug2 [package/*] remove special treatment when using glibc - support got d…
i2c-gpio-custom massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r…
ifenslave remove obsolete kernel dependencies and version checks
iproute2 iproute2: fix build errors with newer versions of eglibc
iptables iptables: fix build error if only libraries are selected
iw iw: sync nl80211.h update with compat-wireless
iwcap [package] iwcap: fix reversed umask
iwinfo [package] iwinfo: assume that no tx power information is available if…
ixp4xx-microcode [packages] Various Makefile cleanup.
kernel fuse: move kmod-fuse to package/kernel
kexec-tools [package] kexec-tools: update to 2.0.3 (fixes #9846)
libbsd [package] libbsd: do not build when using uclibc
libipfix [wprobe/ipfix] rename libmisc.a to libipfixmisc.a
libjson-c [package] change PKG_FIXUP:=libtool to PKG_FIXUP:=autoreconf
libnl-tiny [package] libnl-tiny: port upstream bugfix 8ee16e6688657886f591f0841c…
libnl libnl: update to version 2.0 (patch by Philip Prindeville)
libpcap [package] libpcap: explicitely disable libnl support to prevent diffe…
libreadline [package] libreadline: install *.so symlinks as well (#4872)
librpc make librpc compatible with eglibc, unconditionally enable it for pac…
libtool [package] libtool: remove patches, they don't apply to libltdl
libubox libubox: add a missing dependency
linux-atm package/linux-atm: use new service wrappers
ltq-dsl-app [package] /etc/ => /lib/
ltq-dsl [ltq-dsl] fix for 3.2.9
ltq-ifxos wrong md5sum in ltq-ifxos
ltq-kpi2udp [ltq-kpi2udp]
ltq-tapi ltq-tapi/vmmc were build on none lantiq targets due to bad builddepen…
ltq-tapidemo [ltq-tapidemo] set explicit -lpthread
ltq-vmmc [ltq-vmmc] remove bogus patch
lua [package] lua: remove posix from Lua core, almost nothing uses it - s…
mac80211 ath9k: fix an invalid pointer access in the tx path
maccalc package/maccalc: don't expect to get all data in one read
mkelfimage move mkelfimage from tools/ to package/ as it needs a proper i386 too…
mmc_over_gpio [package] mmc_over_gpio: mark /etc/config/mmc_over_gpio as conffile
mountd [package] mountd: correctly handle poll() timeout case, solves possib…
ncurses ncurses: libncursesw should not depend on libncurses
netifd Use netifd fork with 6rd parameters.
nvram [package] add maintainer information
ocf-crypto-headers ocf-linux: version bump to 20110720
om-watchdog package: add om-watchdog package
opkg [buildroot] include, base-files, opkg: introduce version configuratio…
owsip [ltq-vmmc] move /dev/vmmcX creation to a more central place
pjsip [pjsip] fixes ccache compile and adds missing -lc
ppp [package] ppp: make ppp-mod-pptp depend on resolveip
ps3-utils ps3-utils git repository fix
pwm-gpio-custom pwm-gpio-custom: fix compile on linux 2.6.31
px5g [package] add maintainer information
qos-scripts [package] /etc/ => /lib/
rbcfg package/rbcfg: new tool for modifying boot configuration on the RB4xx…
redboot-ar231x redboot-ar231x: mark as broken, the ecos host tool crap needs some re…
relayd relayd: fix return code check for resolving network->ifname mapping
robocfg get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many p…
rotary-gpio-custom Add package rotary-gpio-custom
rtc-rv5c386a rtc-rv5c386a: add support for kernel 3.0
sierra-directip kernel: remove kernel modules and references to kernels <= 2.6.36
siit massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r…
soloscli [package] soloscli: Add script to syslog ADSL line stats
spi-ks8995 massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r…
spidev_test remove obsolete kernel dependencies and version checks
swconfig swconfig: fix off-by-one error, causing segfaults on gcc 4.6+ (fixes …
switch [package] switch: the hardware must be up while configuring
toolchain toolchain: remove target dependencies on libgcc/libgfortran, add chec…
trelay kernel: remove kernel modules and references to kernels <= 2.6.36
uboot-ar71xx uboot-ar71xx: add a dependency on the ar71xx target
uboot-envtools uboot-envtools: forgot to remove uboot-envtools.init file
uboot-kirkwood [uboot-kirkwood] Fixed support for Iomega
uboot-lantiq [uboot-lantiq] adds ARV4519PW/ARV7519PW
uboot-omap35xx [uboot-omap35xx]: Change u-boot console device to reflect change in o…
uboot-omap4 [target/omap4]: add support for OMAP4 based boards, starting with the…
uboot-xburst [package] uboot-{kirkwood,xburst}: Fix typo in U-Boot image name, tha…
ubus ubus: add a missing dependency
uci uci: update to latest version, fixes return code of the cli on variou…
uclibc++ add uclibc++ (from packages)
udev [package] udev: Provide define to enable compilation with kernel 2.6.…
uhttpd [package] uhttpd: remove some dead code
usbreset [package] add usbreset - a small simple utility to send port rests to…
util-linux util-linux: disable udev support, add missing dependencies
vsc73x5-ucode vsc73x5-ucode: use the mirrored ucode files from my server to replace…
w1-gpio-custom massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r…
wireless-tools wireless-tools: remove some more unnecessary stuff from iwconfig
wprobe [wprobe/ipfix] rename libmisc.a to libipfixmisc.a
wrt55agv2-spidevs [package] wrt55agv2-spidevs: fix build with recent kernel
zlib [package] zlib: update to 1.2.7
Makefile [tools] mklibs: update to 0.1.34 (v2)
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