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NetWorldObject = require 'villain/world/net/object'
# The base class for all world objects in Bolo.
class BoloObject extends NetWorldObject
# Whether objects of this class are drawn using the regular 'base' tilemap, or the styled
# tilemap. May also be `null`, in which case the object is not drawn at all.
styled: null
# Styled objects should set their `team` attribute to the appropriate team number in order to
# get the team color styling.
team: null
# These are properties containing the world coordinates of this object. The value `null` for
# either means that the object is not physical or 'not in the world' at this moment
# (ie. dead tanks).
x: null
y: null
# Emit a sound effect from this object's location.
soundEffect: (sfx) ->
@world.soundEffect(sfx, @x, @y, this)
#### Abstract methods
# Return the (x,y) index in the tilemap (base or styled, selected above) that the object should
# be drawn with. May be a no-op if the object is never actually drawn.
getTile: ->
## Exports
module.exports = BoloObject
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