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stephank commented Sep 4, 2010

Mostly due to WebSockets, Orona only seems to run on recent Webkit and Gecko based browsers at the time of writing. Among browsers that are tested not to work are IE9 and Opera 10.61.

Before starting, Orona should do a couple of checks and display a notice if it can't go ahead. I think it should do roughly the following:

  • Run through a couple of checks based on functionality (no user agent sniffing!), such as Canvas2D support, WebSockets support, anything else?
  • Preferably check for WebSockets draft 76, because it's not set in stone yet.
  • The WebSockets check should be omitted on Github pages, because it only runs a local game. When the lobby is implemented, we should disable multiplayer and inform the user.
  • When any of these tests fail, inform the user it can't run, display a summary of test results, and link to browsers that are known to work. (Which browsers work? I myself test on Chrome 6 and Firefox 4.0b4.)
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