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FlashAir Web File Manager
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FlashAir FileManager

This FileManager is based on:


It allows to browse, upload and delete files on SD Card and to know the current capacity of the Card.

The FileManager was tested with a FlashAir W-03 card and Chrome 71 / Firefox 63 on the other end.

User Interface

Screenshot fo UI see doc/UI.png


  1. Backup the content of SD_WLAN of your SD Card - just in case
  2. Add/Replace the content of SD_WLAN by the one from this repository
  3. Edit the CONFIG based on your network - I have prepared CONFIG-SAMPLE, it joins existing network - just need to complete SSID/Password and Name
    • APPMODE=5 Autostart WLAN mode and configure it to join an existing Network (STA mode)
    • APPSID defines the WLAN SSID to join and APPNETWORKKEY is the password
    • DELCGI=/thumbnail.cgi,/config.cgi disables the cgi scripts to view thumbnails or to configure the settings via browser
    • WEBDAV=0 disabled the WebDAV drive like features
    • UPLOAD=1 enables upload via browser
    • For more information please check:
  1. you can edit the List.htm to change the header
<title>FlashAir SD Card</title>
<a class="navbar-brand" href="#">FlashAir SD Card</a>
  1. Unplug and replug card to refresh settings
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