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v1.0 with jQ 1.5.1 Problems #12

Japegrape opened this Issue May 20, 2011 · 5 comments

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Two problems I'm noticing, even with your demos using the new v1.0:

  1. The mouse does not trigger any events if the page loads with the mouse over the mouseport on initial load, until you move the mouse out of the port and then back in. In your previous version, the mouse would register after a moment, even if it was in the port on load.

  2. The parallax images seem to be starting fully left-justified in the viewport instead of centered. When trying to accommodate this in the css, I found that the very first call to the update causes the images to jump back to that left-justified state and animate from there. Nothing I can seem to do about this without hacking your plugin.

Love the plugin, hope there's some fixes for these soon, otherwise I'll have to try another!


I'm wondering if the left-justified problem you are describing as the same as the right-justified problem I describe here - #25

passy commented Dec 22, 2011

Haven't dug into this yet, but maybe the "event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future." log message popping up all the time is related to this? jQuery 1.7.1 and recent Chrome still have this problem.

passy commented Dec 22, 2011

Oh, never mind. jQuery 1.7 doesn't actually use event.layerX/layerY anymore, so this can't be the source of the positioning issue.


I have the same problem. The parallax loads left-aligned initially. I had to create a link positioned in the center, and then force a click event on it to get it to center initially. That works, except the user can see the animation as it goes from the left to the center.


I'm experiencing the same issue.

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