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AC-DC Design Source Code

This electronic appendix includes the GAMS source code for the formulation and NGBD solution algorithm for the mixed AC-DC electricity distribution system design problem described in the article:

S. M. Frank and S. Rebennack, "Optimal Design of Mixed AC-DC Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings: A Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition Approach," European Journal of Operational Research, 2014, accepted for publication.

Much of the source code is extended from the following dissertation:

S. M. Frank, "Optimal Design of Mixed AC-DC Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings," Dissertation, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, 2013. Available:, UMI #3558161.

In addition to the descriptions provided in the article and dissertation, the code in this appendix is self-documented via extensive comments at the head of and within each file. The Test, Batch, and Case_Studies directories also include local README files which describe the directory contents and provide some usage guidance. If you're looking for a place to start, try the README in the Test directory.

Please note that the underlying software products I used to create this code (MATLAB and GAMS) have changed since I completed my dissertation. Therefore, this code no longer runs "out-of-the-box". Please consider this repository a reference and code archive rather than working software. See also the Notes section below.

This is version 1.1 of the electronic appendix. The latest version of this appendix may be found (after article publication) at Stephen Frank's personal website, or on Github at This code is released under the Gnu Public License (GPL) version 3. A copy of this license is available in the root directory of this appendix (the same directory as this README file).


  1. This MATLAB code in this repository was created for MATLAB 2013. Users have reported that subsequent versions of MATLAB (2014 and later) are not compatible with the object-oriented approach I implemented. Therefore, the code will not run as-is with later MATLAB versions.


Mixed AC-DC electricity distribution system design algorithms and test cases in GAMS



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