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Please DO NOT use the graphic assets in any commercial projects. Use them for learning purpose only.

The Swift source code of this project is FREE. You can redistribute and/or modify it in accordance with the terms of the accompanying Simplified BSD License Agreement.


This game is built with SpriteKit using the Swift language. The game and source code highlight some of the key features in SpriteKit, but also the power the Swift language can bring. This demo should show some of the core features of SpriteKit and standard game elements used in everyday games, but also a look into the syntax and core functionality of Swift. This is a start for people to look into the Swift language and SpriteKit.

Some of the features & highlights this game showcases:

  • SKSpriteNode and Textures
  • Parallax Background
  • Texture Atlas
  • Character Animations
  • Touch Tap Interaction
  • Tween Animations
  • Collision Detection
  • Playing sounds

Features that will be coming soon:

  • Displaying score
  • Particle Effects


This project will highlight a few of the core language features about Swift, but I would read through these documents, I found them useful to learn more about Swift and understanding teh structure and syntax of the language:

Concept, Design & Development

[Squid Ink Games] (http://www.squidinkgames.com)