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An MP3 downloader for SC
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SCStreamToMp3 (and LiteStreamToMp3)

An MP3 downloader for SC. Once complete, SCStreamToMp3 will include a built-in ID3 tag editor with the ability to easily group downloads into albums. Other ideas are still being tossed around. Check out LiteStreamToMp3 in the meantime, since it's ready to use! LiteStreamToMp3 was created as a demo and proof-of-concept; it comes with SCStreamToMp3's basic core functionality.


Release Version (Stable Release) - Known Issues, may not work on all machines
Planning Phase


Dependencies (included):

  • ZhaoStephen.LoggingDotNet (v0.0.1.6)
  • Newtonsoft.Json (v9.0.0.0)
  • Syroot.Windows.IO.KnownFolders

How to Use:

LiteStreamToMp3 Screenshot

  1. Enter the soundtrack page url into the "From" field. This url should be in the form of
  2. Enter the downloaded file name into the "To". Press "Auto Set Save" to automatically create a file name based on the author and name of the track. Use the "Select" button to choose a file name manually or to edit the auto-generated name.
  3. Click "Download MP3!" and wait for the download to finish.
  4. Use "File" > "Goto Last Download Location" to pull up the folder where your fresh MP3 file is sittng.
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