🍇 A GraphQL extension for vscode with support for autocomplete, go to def, and more
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Syntax highlighting, diagnostics, autocomplete, and go to definition for .graphql / .gql files.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete
  • Go to definition
  • Error diagnostics

Autocomplete, go to definition, and diagnostics are language server features supported by the graphql-language-service.


Install stpn.vscode-graphql from the marketplace or from the command line with:

code --install-extension stpn.vscode-graphql


Language server features will be enabled when a .graphqlconfig file is found in the project.

Using the language server will require a schema to be specified via a .graphqlconfig file.


  "schemaPath": "./schema.json"

See here for other ways to provide a GraphQL schema.


Debugging graphql-language-service

The language service is run, and debugged, as a standalone Node.js process. See Node.js debugging guide for general information.

The simplest way to debug is to open chrome://inspect in Chrome and browse for the process. Alternatively in the test target VSCode (i.e. where the extension is running) toggle View → Output and follow the printed instructions.