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SQL query builder and ORM/Factory generator for Go with support for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite


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Bob: Go SQL Access Toolkit

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Bob is a set of Go packages and tools to work with SQL databases.

Bob's philosophy centres around the following:

  1. Correctness: Things should work correctly. Follow specifications as closely as possible.
  2. Convenience (not magic): Bob provides convenient ways to perform actions, it does not add unexplainable magic, or needless abstraction.
  3. Cooperation: Bob should work well with other tools and packages as much as possible, especially the standard library.

Bob can be progressively adopted from raw SQL query strings, to fully typed queries with models and factories generated for your database.

Components of Bob

Bob consists of several components that build on each other for the full experience.

  1. Query Builder
  2. SQL Executor for convenient scanning of results
  3. Models for convenient database queries
  4. Code generation of Models and Factories from your database schema

Check out the documentation for more information.


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