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@stephenafamo stephenafamo released this 21 May 01:37
· 74 commits to main since this release


  • Add bobgen-sql a code generation driver for SQL schema files. Supports PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Add new properties compare_expr and compare_expr_imports to the types configuration. This is used when comparing primary keys and in testing.
  • Add never_required to relationships configuration. This makes sure the factories does not require the relationship to be set. Useful if you're not using foreign keys. (thanks @jacobmolby)
  • Add wrapper types for Stringer, TextMarshaler/Unmarshaler, and BinaryMarshaler/Unmarshaler to the types configuration.
  • Make generated enum types implement the fmt.Stringer, encoding.TextMarshaler, encoding.TextUnmarshaler, encoding.BinaryMarshaler and encoding.BinaryUnmarshaler interfaces.


  • Properly detect reference columns for implicit foreign keys in SQLite.
  • Fix panic when generating random values for nullable columns. (thanks @jacobmolby)
  • Sort relationships and imports for deterministic generated code. (thanks @jacobmolby)
  • Correctly allow OVER () with an empty window definition in PostgreSQL. (thanks @relvacode)
  • Set GROUP BY to NULL if there are no expressions to group by.
  • Replace symbols in enum values with their unicode point to make them valid Go identifiers.
  • Properly detect implicit foreign keys in SQLite.
  • Fix issue with attaching multi-sided relationships. (thanks @jacobmolby)

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