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node-notes is a node.js version of Rails' "rake notes" functionality. It allows you to put comments in your code and then have them annotated across your whole project.


npm install notes -g


$ notes              # will search for notes in cwd
$ notes lib/ test/   # will search only in lib and test

What It Does:

For example, if a file contained these lines somewhere in it:

# NOTE: This line should get annoated by Notes.
# OPTIMIZE Make things faster!

more code...
# TODO: Annotate your tasks.

yet more code...
# FIXME: Keep up with things to fix.

Those comments would be annotated as:

* /path/to/my/file
Line 8:    ✐ NOTE This line should get annoated by Notes.
Line 9:   ↘ OPTIMIZE Make things faster!
Line 10:   ✓ TODO Annotate your tasks.
Line 11:   ☂ FIXME Keep up with things to fix.
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