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Starter kit with gulp, scss, and babel.
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Homebrew | v1.2.0

Starter kit with Gulp, SCSS, and Babel.


You must have the following installed globally to run the project.

Getting Started

  1. Pull down the repo.
  2. Open your bash terminal and navigate to the project root.
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Run npm start to build and watch the project.
  5. Build something.

Optional Commands

  • Use npm start for dev (will build and watch).
  • Use npm build for production build (will build dependencies and assets).


  • Nov 16 2016 - Swap out TS with Babel and add img clone task and start/build npm scripts.
  • Sep 24 2016 - Remove bower, restructure src & dist dirs, include jquery as npm depend, add npm start script.
  • May 02 2016 - Remove deprecated tsd, update to typings.
  • Feb 21 2016 - Overhaul with gulp, sass, typescript, and plenty of cool tools.
  • Oct xx 2013 - Original version with compass.
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