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A Julia interface for retrieving data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
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A Julia interface for retrieving data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Data API.

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Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. AppVeyor


At the Julia REPL:

    (v1.0) pkg> add BeaData


A valid registration key is required to use the BEA's API. A key can be obtained by registering here.

For now, the package only retrieves full tables from the standard National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) (i.e., no downloads of individual data series or from other BEA datasets).

Initialize a connection

Initialize a connection to the BEA API:

b = Bea("your-36-character-registration-key")

Alternatively, you can save your key in the file ~/.beadatarc and call the constructor with no argument:

b = Bea()

Retrieve a table

Download a NIPA table using the get_nipa_table method:

mytable = get_nipa_table(b::Bea, TableName::AbstractString, frequency::AbstractString,
    startyear::Int, endyear::Int)


  • b: a Bea connection
  • TableName: the string TableName for the desired NIPA table (see "NIPA Table Names" below)
  • frequency: "A" for annual, "Q" for quarerly
  • startyear: first year of data requested, in YYYY format
  • endyear: last year of data requested, in YYYY format

The method returns an object of type BeaTable, with the following fields:

  • tablenum: Table number
  • tablename: TableName
  • tabledesc: Table description
  • linedesc: an OrderedDict with table line numbers and the corresponding variable descriptions
  • tablenotes: an OrderedDict with any notes to the table
  • frequency
  • startyear
  • endyear
  • df: a DataFrame containing the data values; column names are the line numbers from the table (see "NIPA Table line numbers" below)

NIPA Table Names

The TableNames necessary to retrieve data from the API are not exactly the same as the NIPA table numbers. The general pattern for many tables is to replace the periods in the table number with zeros and add "T" to the beginning. For example, the TableName for Table 1.1.5 is "T10105". (this pattern does not hold for all tables, however, so check the BEA site).

NIPA Table line numbers

The DataFrame returned by a call to the API has dates in the first column and the table data in the remaining columns. Data columns are named for the corresponding line numbers of the NIPA table (e.g., :line1, :line2, etc.).


BeaData.jl is not affiliated with, officially maintained, or otherwise supported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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