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@@ -62,22 +62,25 @@ YAML is great, really, but it just wasn't great beyond simple configuration.
Take that last example. ERB would be required, and still it's cumbersome.
# app.yml
+ ---
launched_at: <%= %>
Forget the ISO 8601 formatting and you'll get a string back, instead.
But that's just the surface. Where you're manipulating the primitive objects
-that YAML supports most easily, you could just have stored complex Ruby
-objects: Pathname, Proc, or anything else.
+that YAML supports most easily, you could have stored complex Ruby objects:
+Pathname, Proc, or anything else.
class App < Configurable
config.config_path = Rails.root.join("config")
config.uptime = { ( - App.launched_at).seconds }
+ config.asset_host = "amazon"
App.config_path.join("app") # => #<Pathname:config/app> # => 430.198400 seconds
+ # => true
And because these configuration files are just class definitions, you can
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