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*version 0.3*
Added changelog
Fixed ckeditor issue l.lang.contextmenu is undefined
*version 0.4*
Code Style Changes
Fixed CKEDITOR init errors - ajax should now function correctly
*version 0.5*
Made compatible with PyroCMS v1.2 - Due to this, this version will likely break
in earlier versions. The problem lies in the js. You will need to add
var SITE_URL = ''; to the js/faq.js file for it to work
in PyroCMS versions BEFORE v1.2
Fixed uniform select issues.
Fixed text box size of the edit category form
Fixed sorting issues
*version 1.0*
Made compatible with PyroCMS v1.3 thus getting rid of installer errors
*version 2.0*
Made compatible with PyroCMS v2.0
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