@stephengold stephengold released this Feb 8, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed various read/write bugs in BetterCharacterControl.
  • Cloned the rigid body in BetterCharacterControl.cloneFields().
  • Standardized BetterCharacterControl getters to use caller-provided storage. (API changes)
  • Renamed the describe(), getAxis(), and parseShapeId() methods in the MyShape class. (API changes)
  • Added a getRigidBody() method to the BetterCharacterControl class.
  • Added accessors for 7 parameters (anisotropic friction, rolling friction, spinning friction, contact damping, contact stiffness, deactivation time, and contact processing threshold) to the PhysicsCollisionObject class. These parameter should affect only rigid bodies and vehicles.
  • Added a parseId() method to the MyObject class.
  • Implemented the Comparable interface for the CollisionShape class.
  • Added a setLocationAndBasis() method to the PhysicsCollisionObject class.
  • Added accessors for friction and restitution to the PhysicsGhostObject and PhysicsCharacter classes. These should have no effect.
  • Updated the native libraries to version 1.0.30 of Libbulletjme.
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