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@stephengold stephengold released this May 15, 2019 · 523 commits to master since this release

  • Added a minimal implementation of soft-body physics, based on Dokthar's prior work, that included ConfigFlag, Icosphere, MeshEdge, NativeSoftBodyUtil, NetGrid, PhysicsBody, PhysicsSoftBody, PhysicsSoftSpace, RayTestFlag, Sbcp, SoftBodyWorldInfo, SoftPhysicsAppState, SoftDebugAppState, SoftBodyDebugControl, and TestSoftBody.
  • Re-publicized the update() method and finalized the getSpaceId() method of PhysicsSpace.
  • Moved the isInWorld() method from PhysicsRigidBody to PhysicsCollisionObject.
  • Moved TubeTreeMesh class to the jme3utilities.minie.test.mesh package.
  • Used BinaryExporter.saveAndLoad() to simplify load/save testing.
  • Updated the native libraries to version 1.0.61 of Libbulletjme.
  • Based on version 2.27 of the jme3-utilities-heart library.
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