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from stack import Stack
# Reverse string s
def reverse(s):
my_stack = Stack()
# For each character in string s
for c in s:
result = ""
while not my_stack.is_empty():
result += my_stack.pop()
return result
# Evaluate a postfix string
# Assume a well-formed input
def eval_postfix(postfix_expr):
stack = Stack()
for c in postfix_expr:
if c=='+' or c=='-' or c=='*' or c=='/':
# We have an operator!
# Pop two operands
operand_right = stack.pop()
operand_left = stack.pop()
result = None
if c=='+':
result = operand_left + operand_right
elif c=="-":
result = operand_left - operand_right
elif c=='*':
result = operand_left * operand_right
result = operand_left / operand_right
# We have an operand!
# Convert to floating point number and push
# At this point, the only thing in the stack should be the answer
answer = stack.pop()
return answer