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  • pro: Monotic rev numbers (though commitnumbers is better as they don't change with the whole repo)
  • pro: Cherry picking doesn't duplicate the commit
  • pro: Good/faster trac integration
  • pro: Inherently flattened branches (requires preservemerges--or pull)
  • con: allows anti-social change hoarding of one large commit
  • con: lots of .svn meta folders (slows down Eclipse)
  • con: looses data in rename+merge scenario
  • con: allows pushing from an out-of-date working copy as long as specific files don't conflict


  • pro: index (easier to break up commits, see only conflicts during merging)
  • pro: stash (or local WIP on multiple branches without separate working copies)
  • pro: local commits
  • pro: combined diffs in gitk and commit emails
  • pro: "git diff" in conflicted merges only shows conflicts, not what merged cleanly
  • pro: safe merging (working copy is not munged, always have ORIG_HEAD or reflog)
  • pro: pre-filled-in merge commit messages (e.g. with what conflicted)
  • pro: DAG visualization (gitk)
  • pro: just one .git meta folder
  • con: requires flags/prefer-rebase script to maintain flattened branches
  • con: allows anti-social change hoarding of many small commits
  • con: no good tattoo (fixed with commitnumbers)
  • con: trac integration is slow