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a trivial example app for gwt-mpv
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Example Tessell Application

Tessell is a GWT application framework that follows a Model View Presenter architecture. The example application shows reloaded, editable Client and Employee tables that the user can navigate between.


  • Clone the gwt-hack repository
  • Install IvyDE in Eclipse
  • Import the project into Eclipse
  • Launch gwt-hack

Capabilities of Tessell

  • Subviews
  • Length validation of fields
  • One view with a delayed load
  • Multiple presenters at a time
  • Possible for container presenter to do eager or lazy unbinds
  • Validation errors are marked
  • Properties can be marked "currently changing"
  • Presenter <-> View method calls
  • Presenter <-> Model method calls
  • Presenter <-> Presenter event bus
  • Pass around presenters that can eagerly/late bind or unbind with their view
  • Popping into view after async is mostly a child-only concern
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