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another git plugin for hudson

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This plugin is no longer actively developed. It was written it to do a dead-simple status check+checkout at a time when the official Hudson git plugin had more features than stability (mainly for large repositories).

Given the on-going development of the official Hudson git plugin, this situation has likely improved, so I recommend using it if you can and only falling back to this plugin if you have to.


  • Upload target/git.hpi to your instance of Hudson
  • Choose Git as your SCM for your project

That's all I remember as I don't have a Hudson instance in front of me.


You do try either:

  1. Within the Hudson tree
    • The plugin originally expected to live in the hudson/plugins/git2 directory of a Hudson svn checkout
    • While in the git2 directory, just run mvn
  2. Standalone tree
    • While in the hudson-git2 directory, with no parent Hudson source, mvn might work
    • Note: you may have to move dotm2_settings.xml to ~/.m2/settings.xml


  • The merge into other branches option is about the only code left over from the original git plugin and I haven't personally used it--it may or may not work


  • The original Hudson git plugin author for providing a great place to start copy/pasting from
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