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jXLS - Export data to Excel using XLS template
Online docs -

You can download the latest jXLS release from here:

To use jXLS engine you have to put  jxls-core   jar in your classpath.

And if you are planning to use jXLS to read XLS files you have to add jxls-reader jar file to your classpath.

If you use Maven 2 to build your application you can specify required jXLS modules in your pom.xml as dependencies to allow them to be downloaded from Maven repository

The following Jakarta libraries are also required to be on your classpath.

    * POI (3.5 or later)
    * Commons BeanUtils
    * Commons Collections
    * Commons JEXL
    * Commons Logging
    * Commons Digester

jXLS requires next libraries to be on your classpath

Jakarta POI - great library to manipulate XLS files from pure Java 

Jakarta Commons BeanUtils - great library for dynamic defining and accessing bean properties.

Jakarta Commons Collections - great library for manipulating java collections.

Jakarta Commons JEXL - excellent library for Expression Language support.

Jakarta Commons Digester - excellent library to create objects from XML

Jakarta Commons Logging - good logging library

Building from source
Download jXLS distribution from

Download and install Maven 2 framework

Execute from source code folder
        mvn clean install 

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