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Contributors: stephenharris
Donate link:
Tags: markdown, formatting,prettify,syntax highlighter,code
Requires at least: 3.1
Tested up to: 4.9.1
Stable tag: 1.6.0

Allows Markdown to be enabled in posts, comments and bbPress forums.


This plugin allows you to write posts (of any post type) using the Markdown syntax. The plugin converts the Markdown into HTML prior to saving the post. When editing a post, the plugin converts it back into Markdown syntax.

The plugin also allows you to enable Markdown in comments and bbPress forums. In these instances the plugin adds a toolbar, and preview of the processed Markdown with Prettify syntax highlighter applied (similiar to that used in the Stack Exchange websites such as WordPress Stack Exchange).

WP-Markdown stores the processed HTML, so deactivating the plugin will not affect your posts, comments or bbPress forums.


Installation is standard and straight forward.

  1. Upload wp-markdown folder (and all its contents) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to your Settings > Writing page and enable Markdown for the appropriate post types and comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Markdown syntax?

For information on how to use Markdown syntax, please read: Markdown: syntax.

What happens to the post content if I uninstall the plugin?

The plugin uses Markdown to generate the appropriate HTML prior to the post saving to the database. When you edit a post, it is converted back to Markdown syntax. Once the plugin is uninstalled you'll simply revert to editing the posts' HTML.

How do I embed content?

A clean install of WordPress allows you to (for example) include a YouTube url on a separate line, whereupon it will automatically embed the video. This is not possible with WP-Markdown installed (I tried - I broke more things. But if you manage it, feel free to make a pull-request:

You'll need to use the [embed] shortcode.

How do I prevent a bit of the page being parsed as Markdown?

Enclose it in a div tag. It'll be ignored.

How do I allow the contents of a div tag to be parsed as Markdown?

Use <div markdown="1">.


1. The Markdown toolbar and previewer on a bbPress forum.

The Markdown toolbar and previewer on a bbPress forum.

2. Plugin settings, located at the bottom of the Writing settings page.

Plugin settings, located at the bottom of the Writing settings page.

3. The Markdown toolbar and previewer on a comment form.

The Markdown toolbar and previewer on a comment form.

4. Example of Markdown syntax.

Example of Markdown syntax.

5. The output of the example Markdown.

The output of the example Markdown.


1.6 - 25th December 2017

  • Fixed PHP7 deprecation notices
  • Load prettify.js in the footer (See #60 )
  • Ensure the toolbar javascript runs as late as possible. Fixes conflict with Shortcoder which calls Qtags late on and destroys the markdown toolbar. Fixes #53.
  • Update markdown extra version. Thanks to @lite3. Closes #43.
  • By default balance tags before HTML is converted to markdown. (Adds filter to prevent this behaviour). See #47.


  • Addresses issues with (since withdrawn) 1.5.0 version.


  • Handle tables. See #35.
  • Fix responsive layout issue. See #31.
  • Use compressed prettify.js.
  • Fix bug with lists not being escaped.
  • Fix textdomain. Change to 'wp-markdown'.
  • Add language file.
  • Fix incompatability issues with bbPress.


  • Fix issue with consecutive shortcodes.
  • Fix editing bbPress topics/replies on the front-end corrupts Markdown. See #25.


  • Apply kses and balance tags after MD->HTML conversion. See#23.
  • Compress scripts and minify icon sprite. See #7.
  • Add 'more' tag to Markdown editor.
  • Add support for iframes. See #22.
  • Fix bug with underscores in shortcodes.
  • Add support for tbody, tfoot and thead tags.
  • Refactoring including renaming of plugin style and script handles.


  • Fix problems with images nested inside links. See #12.
  • Ensure prettify is loaded, if needed, on home page. See #6.
  • Update Markdownify.
  • Update Prettify.


  • Remove the wpautop/unwpautop functions. If using oEmbed, use embed shortcodes.
  • Add public wrapper functions.
  • Remove bbPress front-end TinyMCE editor if using Markdown.


  • Fix bug introduced in 1.1.4 where line breaks are stripped (affects code blocks).


  • Fix bug where oEmbed would not work. Thanks to Michael & Vinicius.
  • Add a filter for Markdown 'help' text: wpmarkdown_help_text.
  • Support for Markdown Extra (currently not supported in pagedown previewer).


  • Stable with WordPress 3.4.
  • Fix bug relating title attributes for links and images.


  • Fix bug relating to comments by logged out users.


  • Fix backslash bug.


  • Add option to replace TinyMCE with Markdown help bar on post editor.


  • Initial release.

Upgrade Notice


If you have upgraded to 1.1.4, please upgrade to 1.1.5. This release fixes a bug introduced in 1.1.4 (see


  • Added option to enable the Markdown help bar on the back-end post editor. Simply check Markdown help bar for 'Post editor' in the settings.