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Responsive Design Workflow Code Examples

Code examples from my book Responsive Design Workflow.

Please note that these examples will probably only make sense within the context of the book.

Each example is meant to demonstrate a specific aspect of the workflow. In chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11, the "design" is a quick one-off and is simply intended to support the code explained in the chapter. The CSS, for example, is irrelevant and is not intended for study.

For chapters 8 and up, I have already executed dexy gen --t rdw:mockup --d mockup for you. Running dexy and/or dexy serve as described in the chapters should get you up and running quickly.

Troubleshooting and bug reporting

The code here has been tested by me using Dexy version 0.9.9, CasperJS 1.0.0-RC4, PhantomJS 1.7.0, and Pandoc It all worked when the book was published. However, software changes. Especially Dexy, which is in crazy active development.

If something doesn't work, please read the book text again, stopping at every command and piece of code to see if you can find anything incorrect in your code or commands. I once spent about two hours looking for a bug in a project and it turned out that I had just made a typo. That was before I learned to use a debugger. It happens.

If you're convinced you did everything correctly and you think there's something wrong with the code example, or if you find a bug in the code, you can open an issue here on GitHub and I'll take a look. I have a day job, so it might take a day or two for me to check it out, but I'll try and help where I can. Please only fill the issue queue with issues regarding these specific code examples.

Have fun!


The code examples are released under the MIT license:

Dexy, CasperJS, PhantomJS, and Pandoc are not included in this repository and are separately licensed by their respective copyright holders.


Code examples from my book Responsive Design Workflow



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