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SoME Book List


Display list of books from the Southern Maine Men's Book club in a searchable, filterable, pretty HTML table. Done in 100% JavaScript.

Originally forked from derekeder/csv-to-html-table, but later converted to just using YAML data and jQuery DataTables directly.

Check out the live site:


In typical usage the some-books.json is updated with new books we have read or are reading. Then, viola, the site is magically and deliciously updated.

About the Code

Originally adapted from derekeder/csv-to-html-table. Which would convert CSV files for use by jQuery DataTables. I no longer use any of Derek's code, but have an appreciation and give thanks for his work.

Uses jQuery, but only for the jQuery DataTables plugin.

Uses jeremyfa/yaml.js to convert YAML to JSON for jQuery DataTables.

Uses Bootstrap Table for the table display.

Uses Amazon cover and thumnail images as per How to get book cover image url using ISBN on StackOverflow.


Copyright (c) 2017 Stephen Houser. Released under the MIT License.