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The universal icon set for user interfaces.
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The universal icon set for user interfaces.

Find out more at

npm install microns

Microns are a no-nonsense set of icons designed specifically for user interfaces. Rather than provide a large library of unnecessary glyphs, microns provide a sensible baseline of well-drawn icons that will cover 99% of your use cases for less than 5kb.

arrow-left arrow-right arrow-up arrow-down left right up down upload download
undo redo replay plus minus caret caret-up caret-down i-left i-right
i-up i-down i-plus i-minus i-tick i-cross i-bullet i-asterisk play pause
subtitles vol-low vol-mid vol-high vol-mute captions hd audio-description chart-line chart-bar
chart-scatter chart-pie calendar clock star heart flag bookmark chat edit
delete show hide lock cog link user group file image
video audio print menu bars cancel opts-h opts-v search zoom-in
zoom-out contract expand grid matrix chapters rss share mail code
box box-full box-plus box-minus box-tick box-cross radio-off radio-on radio-full info
warn pass fail text bold italic underline strikeout text-size text-unstyle
align-left align-center align-right indent outdent cloud web wifi



Distributed under CC BY-SA licence.


Distributed under SIL Open Font Licence licence.

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