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5-inch LCD / Multitouch Board

Drive an LCD with a multitouch panel using a PIC18F14K50 and custom PCB!

The code and CAD files for this project are incomplete, as the project is under active development. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the author. This project began in 2013 and has slowly been developed to where it is today in the free time of the developer as a means to learn more about hardware design. As such, it is not recommended that this project be used as a model for commercial work and that developers exercise a measured amount of caution when using this project.

The schematic and circuit board for this project was designed with Eagle 6.6.0. The board is small enough to be opened with the free version of Eagle, and only uses two PCB layers. The circuit board can be purchased from OSHPark for about $30 USD for 3 boards.

Assembling this project for yourself is no small task. The project consists of a very wide range of components, ranging from ordering custom circuit boards, ordering parts, soldering all of the surface mount components to the board, and then programming the microcontroller and eeprom on the board.

Once everything is assembled and running, you should have a small 800x480 LCD available via an HDMI or DVI port, and a 5-point touch surface with which to interact with it.

This project makes use of a TPS61165 LED backlight driver. This is sufficient to drive the backlight in the LCD panel, and supports dimming via a 1-wire interface or through PWM.

Please note that this design does not support HDCP, as it uses a DVI display chip, the TFP401A. If youi would like to modify this design to support HDCP, you could build it around the TFP501 instead.

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Drive an LCD with a multitouch panel using a PIC and custom PCB



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