A way to build excel files with javascript
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No longer maintained

Sob story of the day. For the first time in months, I had time to sit down and work on this project. So, I did. Tweaked a couple things, added stuff to the 'new' website.. then realized that I'd prefer to be spending time with my family. So, this project is no longer maintained. Thank you to those who sent encouraging emails over the years. This was an interesting project. Goodbye.


A way to build excel files with javascript

Documentation at http://excelbuilderjs.com/. This is slightly outdated, but includes a 'cookbook' and some API documentation. New site coming soon with up-to-date documentation, and ability to contribute - see https://github.com/stephenliberty/excel-builder-site

Installing via NPM

npm install excel-builder

Building for web

Install Grunt:

npm install -g grunt-cli

Install dependencies:

npm install

Build & uglify:



excel-builder.compiled.js -> All files in the EB package and all dependencies.

excel-builder.dist.js -> All files in the EB package. Requires lodash and jszip scripts to be loaded on the page.


Originally this project was sort of sponsored by a previous company I worked for. Unfortunately now it has no backing, and my time is very limited while I work on side projects to help make ends meet. If you use bountysource or contribute via paypal (to stephen@liberty-irm.com) to open up bounties on issues, it is very, very likely that I will add features and fix issues sooner than later.

Otherwise, if you have the ability to contribute yourself, please just do so as normal - I'll review and pull changes as they come in as quickly as I can.