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A tool for bulk updating access to repos.

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Created by Stephen McDonald

bitbucket-batch is a command-line tool for making bulk access updates to Bitbucket repositories. It is useful in a corporate team situation where a single company account exists for managing private repositories with each team member having their own account with write access to these repositories. When a new member joins or leaves the team, the process of manually adding or removing write access to all of the company's repositories can be tedious. bitbucket-batch allows you to make access updates to all of the company's repositories in a single command.


Assuming you have setuptools installed, the easiest method is to install directly from pypi by running the following command:

$ easy_install -U bitbucket-batch

Otherwise you can download bitbucket-batch and install it directly from source:

$ python install


Once installed, the command bitbucket-batch should be available which can be run in the following format:

$ bitbucket-batch repo_owner operation role user

Each of the required arguments are:

  • repo_owner: The Bitbucket username for the owner of the repositories the bulk update will be made to.
  • operation: The operation to apply which is either add or remove.
  • role: The role to use for the operation which is either reader, writer or admin.
  • user: The Bitbucket username that the operation will be made for.

For example, to add the user stephenmcd as a writer to all repositories owned by the user citrus, the command would be:

$ bitbucket-batch citrus add writer stephenmcd
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